Rocco's Pizza is owned and operated by a close-knit family with deep ties to the local community.  Family, friends and loyal customers have allowed our family enterprise to flourish - and for that we thank all of you.  We are a proud sponsor of local community organizations, youth leagues and projects within the area of East Berlin.

As the finest Italian Ristorante in the area, we believe that customer satisfaction and excellent dishes define a restaurant.  We take pride in that principle and make each and every order as if it were for our family.

God bless you and your family.

-Michelle (Mike) DeVita
Founder  & the DeVita Family: Anna, Rocco, Luisa and Anna
The best pizza doesn't need a catch phrase...
In 1981 I jointly founded Rocco's Pizza in East Berlin with my brother Lorenzo.  After a few years of great success and flourishing community response to our food, we opened a second location in York Springs, PA.  During the mid-nineties we separated both businesses into individually owned entities.

My wife Anna accompanied me to the United States directly from Calabria, Italy.  With us we brought our heritage and dedication to making the best meals traditional to our way of life and our life-long pursuit of perfection.  We are blessed with three wonderful children that also help us make the finest pizza in the area.  Stop by today and I guarantee our family will be waiting to take your order.

Rocco's History
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